Western Illinois Regional Council

Food Assistance Also Available
3:34 pm
Tue December 11, 2012

Non-Profit Helps Those Needing Water

Shannon Duncan examines the US Drought Monitor Map.

Non-profits help those in the region who are in need of food.  Now because of the drought, an increasing number of people need help getting access to water as well.

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Fears of Zoning
12:08 pm
Sun December 2, 2012

Land Use Suggestions In Comprehensive Plan Irk Farm Bureau

The McDonough County Courthouse
Credit Rich Egger

The McDonough County Comprehensive Plan Committee made some last minute changes before sending the plan to the full county board for its approval.

Most significantly, almost all references to “land use” were removed. Some committee members and the McDonough County Farm Bureau Board of Directors treated the seven letter phrase like a four letter word and feared it would eventually lead to the “z” word: zoning.

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McDonough County Comprehensive Plan
6:19 pm
Wed October 24, 2012

Residents Worry Proposal Will Result In Zoning

The McDonough County Courthouse
Rich Egger

Questions about land use dominated the first public hearing on McDonough County’s proposed new comprehensive plan.

About 25 people attended the hearing along with county board members, county government employees, and representatives of the Western Illinois Regional Council, which facilitated the process for replacing the county’s 40 year old comprehensive plan.

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12:36 pm
Mon February 27, 2012

Board and Agency Disagree on Recycling Cost

Hancock County

The Hancock County Board and the Western Illinois Regional Council have come up with different numbers for the cost of recycling collection in the county.

The board found a bill for $4,000 a surprise. It budgeted $3,500 for the service.

The board briefly considered just paying the money it budgeted. Ultimately, the board tabled the bill until the finance committee has a chance to contact the WIRC.

Chairman David Walker thought the bill might have gone up.

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