West Adams Street

Rich Egger

The city is completing land acquisitions as part of the plan to improve West Adams Street from Lafayette to Johnson.

Rich Egger

Macomb aldermen decided to proceed with the revitalization project even though the city will have to spend its own money.

TSPR's Rich Egger

Public and privately financed construction projects will change and improve the look of downtown Macomb.

Rich Egger

Macomb will have to wait for state money to help pay for a major revitalization project -- and there is still no guarantee the money will ever come through.

The city hoped to receive around $1.2 million through a state enhancement program for its West Adams Street corridor project.  The state money would be combined with $750,000 in local funding to pay for the work.

But Mayor Mike Inman said the only improvement project the state decided to fund in this general region was in Elmwood.

Rich Egger

The city council voted in favor of a resolution of support for seeking $1.1 million in federal grant funding for the West Adams Street revitalization project.

“This project is the gateway to Western Illinois University,” said Eric Moe of McClure Engineering. “It's often the first impression for newcomers to our community.”