Union Contracts

Cover Admin. Unit, Secondary Roads
7:23 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Lee County Approves New Contracts

The Lee County Board of Supervisors has ratified new contracts with two employee unions.

The Lee County Board of Supervisors has ratified new two year contracts with the unions representing employees in the secondary roads department and in the administrative unit.

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Top Stories
4:42 pm
Sun December 30, 2012

Initial Offers to Des Moines County

Des Moines County Courthouse

Some Des Moines County employees are looking for significant pay hikes in their next employment contracts.

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Increase Expected for October
10:38 pm
Tue August 28, 2012

Burlington Residents Face Larger Garbage Bills

Burlington residents should get ready to pay more to have their garbage picked up each month.

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City Avoids Arbitration
10:47 pm
Mon August 20, 2012

Keokuk Reaches Tentative Agreement

Keokuk will no longer need outside help to settle a new contract with some employees.

Mayor Tom Marion says that’s because the city and the general unit have reached a tentative agreement.

The employees in the general unit come from multiple departments, including streets and parks.  They have been working under their previous contract since July 1.

Marion says the tentative agreement allowed the two sides to cancel an arbitration hearing scheduled for this week.

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New Contracts for Union Workers
9:03 pm
Tue August 7, 2012

Keokuk to Help Port Authority

Keokuk City Council

The Keokuk City Council will help fund the Southeast Iowa Regional Economic and Port Authority (SIREPA).

Keokuk, Fort Madison and Lee County are the original members of the authority, which is Iowa’s first and only port authority.

The Lee County Economic Development Group has been providing operational and administrative services for SIREPA, but the organization now wants to hire the Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission.

The authority does not have a regular income stream at this point, so it needs help to pay for such services.

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