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Credit US Quidditch

The magical world of Hogwarts is coming to Macomb. The city was chosen over Ames, Iowa to host a regional tournament for the not-so-fictional sport of Quidditch.

Rumble Press / www.flickr.com

Several members of the Lee County Board of Supervisors are no longer being sued  for allegedly violating Iowa's Open Meetings Act.

Credit: wallpaperlayer.com

Macomb residents will once again have to keep a close eye on the height of their lawns.  That's because the city is once again enforcing its law regarding grass height.

Should criminals bear the cost of their own rehabilitation?

Abby Wendle

Street art – also known as graffiti art – is often done under cover of night.  But on a sunny, hot, and humid mid-summer afternoon in Galesburg it was done during the light of day in a small downtown plaza.

Brian Mackey / WUIS/Illinois Issues

The Illinois State Fair will go on, even though the budget stalemate has left officials without the means to fully pay for it.

Credit: forbes.com

Social media has changed the way we communicate. One department at Western Illinois University is acknowledging this by implementing a new minor on the subject.

Jason Parrott / TSPR

Iowa Fertilizer Company's new production plant being built in northern Lee County could soon have a new owner. Early indications are that the new owner would become the largest nitrogen fertilizer company on the planet once the deal is complete.

Iowa Department of Corrections

It was mid-Tuesday morning and Warden Nick Ludwick was still singing the praises of everyone involved in Saturday's transfer of 507 maximum security prisoners from the old Iowa State Penitentiary in downtown Fort Madison to the new facility two miles away.  He said he's been involved in large-scale inmate transfers in the past and this was possibly the best he has seen.

The Lee County Health Department is working with Keokuk Area Hospital and Fort Madison Community Hospital to complete an assessment of the most pressing health needs for local residents.

Lisa Ryan

A panel of lawmakers will weigh in Wednesday on the planned closure of two state facilities.  But the final decision rests with the governor.

Credit Western Illinois University

With the Western Illinois University fall semester just around the corner, the city of Macomb's population is about to double. In anticipation of this, the Office of Public Safety at WIU is using the last few weeks of summer break to prepare.

Iowa Department of Corrections

After sitting vacant for months due to construction delays, the new Iowa State Penitentiary is now up and running. The Iowa Department of Corrections transported 507 maximum security inmates on Saturday from the original prison to the new facility two miles north of Fort Madison.

Thursday, July 30 was the final day candidates could file their nominating petitions for the Sept. 8 school board election in Iowa.  On election day, county residents will have plenty of decisions to make.

The black and white photograph, taken in 1912, shows George "Duffy" Lawton standing outside a clapboard shack propped up on stones and concrete. He's gazing up at the smiling love of his life, Harriette White, whose head and torso poke out through an open window.