Sports Complex

Retirements Before 2013
9:39 am
Tue August 14, 2012

Fort Madison Reorganizing Personnel

Fort Madison is moving ahead with a plan to reorganize several departments.

Six veteran employees signed up to take advantage of the city’s early retirement program, which means they will be stepping down before the end of the calendar year.

City Manager Byron Smith says the group of retiring employees includes the heads of the water department, the public works department and the wastewater treatment plant.

He says the city will replace the three positions with one new public works director.

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$766,000 From Vision Iowa
12:39 am
Thu June 14, 2012

State Supports FM Complex

  • Tim Gobble on State Funding

The state of Iowa is really getting behind the development of a sports complex in western Fort Madison.  The site will feature multiple football/soccer fields and baseball/softball diamonds.

The Vision Iowa Board’s Community Attraction & Tourism Committee recently wrapped up negotiations with the complex committee on the size of a grant.

The panel announced during its meeting on Wednesday morning that the sports complex would receive $766,000.

The complex committee’s initial request was for more than $900,000. 

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Ground Breaking Likely This Summer
12:30 am
Fri May 18, 2012

Fort Madison to Get State Funding

The 3rd time was the charm in Fort Madison’s attempt to land some state funding for a proposed sports complex.

The Fort Madison Sports Complex Committee applied for nearly $900,000 through the Vision Iowa Board’s Community Attraction and Tourism (CAT) Committee.

The group walked away with nothing but advice and recommendations after its first two presentations to the CAT Committee.

The third trip, though, led Vision Iowa to agree to enter into negotiations with the sports complex committee to determine how much state funding would be provided.

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Funding Needed For State Support
12:07 am
Fri May 11, 2012

Lee County Will Contribute to Project

Lee County will provide money for a proposed sports complex in Fort Madison.  The decision comes after the Board of Supervisors spent weeks rejecting requests for funding.

The Vision Iowa Board has said that Fort Madison’s request for more than $800,000 will not be considered without a $25,000 contribution from the county.  The program requires city, county, and public support for a project.

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County Funding Key
10:02 am
Sat May 5, 2012

State Funding Up In The Air for Fort Madison

It’s unclear whether Lee County’s support for a proposed sports complex in Fort Madison will lead to any state funding.  The project calls for the construction of three football/soccer fields and three softball/baseball diamonds.

The Vision Iowa Board says the county must provide at least $25,000 if the board is to act on Fort Madison’s request for more than $870,000.

The county has created a special community development fund to try to raise the money.  $1,500 has already been pledged at this point.

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