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Shop Talk
12:05 pm
Tue May 10, 2011

Shop Talk - May 10

Macomb, IL – The panelists discuss what television might be like in 2020.

The launching point for the discussion is a column by Michael Stroud on He led a panel discussion on the issue during the recent NAB conference in Las Vegas.

Some possible developments include a la carte programming, vastly improved HD, and TV sets connected to the web.

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Shop Talk
11:09 am
Tue May 3, 2011

Shop Talk - May 3

Macomb, IL – The panelists talk about Illinois House Bill 3500, which would bar the public release of information about who owns FOID cards in the state.

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Shop Talk
7:56 am
Tue April 26, 2011

Shop Talk - April 26

Macomb, IL – The panelists discuss a report that says USA Today is considering whether to pay annual bonuses to writers based on page views.

The panelists feel such a move would cheapen the product. Reporters would be tempted to write misleading headlines to increase page views, or they might skip certain stories altogether to instead report on the sensational.

The panelists also point out that a page hit does not necessarily mean someone read the story or got anything out of it.

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Shop Talk
12:47 pm
Tue April 19, 2011

Shop Talk - April 19

Macomb, IL – The panelists discuss how they think social media should be used by journalists.

Bill Knight said social media can be used as a tool to receive tips about stories. It can also be used to promote stories. He said reporters should simply remember to maintain a sense of professionalism.

Mike Murray also said reporters need to be professional, but added he is not a big fan of social media. He is concerned some reporters might editorialize, thus compromising the way they're viewed.

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Shop Talk
12:52 pm
Tue April 12, 2011

Shop Talk - April 12

Macomb, IL – The New York Times and other newspapers are preparing to set up pay walls for on-line content. The panelists debate whether that is a good idea.

Mike Murray believes it does not make sense to start charging people for something that has been free for a number of years. He considers it a poor business model.

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