Patricia Walton

Advocates for Children Seeking Financial Help

Dec 22, 2013
Rich Egger

The Court-Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA_ program is still looking to the community for donations to help support the volunteers of McDonough County.

Rich Egger

McDonough County courtroom now looks a lot more like it might have when the courthouse was completed in 1872.

Courtroom 203 has a refinished oak floor, a new bench, and a new table top. All were custom made and handcrafted.

In addition, the paneling was removed from the walls and replaced with drywall and wainscoting.

“We were fortunate to have Mike Lester, who’s originally from Good Hope, who took on the job of basically crafting from hand all aspects of the wood that is in the courtroom and it’s phenomenal,” said Associate Judge Patricia Walton.