Country of Origin Labeling
2:36 pm
Mon November 17, 2014

Meat Labeling Rules Might Change

Country of Origin Labeling rules require meat labels to list where animals were born, raised and slaughtered.
Credit Abbie Fentress Swanson/Harvest Public Media

Rules that require more information on meat labels may be on the outs.

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Critics Complain of Privatization
6:36 pm
Wed September 10, 2014

U.S. Meat Inspection System in Disarray, Watchdogs say

The U.S. Department of Agriculture this year unveiled the first major overhaul of the nation's poultry-inspection system in more than 50 years.
Credit BigStock image

Jennifer Brdar’s dream job was to be a meat inspector for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, watching out for unwary consumers and making sure the meat on their dinner tables was clean and disease-free.

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Double-Digit Price Spike
5:13 pm
Sun August 31, 2014

High Meat Prices Not Scaring Shoppers

Nick Patterson, a meat associate at a Fareway grocery store in Ames, Iowa, shows a customer a rack of ribs before packaging them up.
Credit Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media

You might have noticed when grilling steaks or hot dogs this summer that they cost more than they did last year.

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FDA Plan
10:42 am
Thu December 12, 2013

No Antibiotics for Pigs and Cattle

Credit Bill Wheelhouse/Harvest Public Media

The Food and Drug Administration wants to phase out antibiotics in meat.

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