McDonough County

With school getting underway, drivers are being encouraged to be on the look-out for students.

Residents of McDonough County are being asked to provide feedback on how to make the area more bicycle-friendly.

McDonough District Hospital is expanding its services by adding a psychiatric ward. 

Western Grain Marketing

Western Grain Marketing continues to calculate the damages from the large grain bin fire that occurred near Adair, Il in McDonough County.

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The McDonough County Board Finance Committee decided against providing funding for the sheriff department’s dive rescue team.

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The Macomb Public Library and the Colchester District Library are receiving state funds for renovations and expansion.

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McDonough County began issuing same sex marriage licenses Monday. County Clerk Gretchen DeJaynes said couples must apply in person at the county courthouse.

Western Grain Marketing

Investigators believe spontaneous combustion sparked a fire at a large grain storage bin owned by Western Grain Marketing.

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The closure comes after the owners of Wildlife were sued for violating a state statute.

The McDonough County Board agreed during its April meeting to implement regulations for adult entertainment establishments.