Macomb Police Department

Pipeline Workers
12:07 pm
Sat March 1, 2014

Macomb Police Searching for Missing Men

Juan Bustamante
Credit courtesy of Macomb Police Department

Two men who were living in Macomb while working on construction of the Flanagan South oil pipeline have been reported missing.

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Investigation Continues
11:28 am
Tue February 18, 2014

Autopsy: Macomb Man Strangled

The house at 515 E. Pierce St.
Credit Rich Egger

The preliminary opinion from a forensic autopsy conducted on a Macomb man found his injuries are “…consistent with a cause of death of strangulation.”

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Autopsy Forthcoming
11:48 am
Mon February 17, 2014

Macomb Police Investigating Man’s Death

The house at 515 E. Pierce St
Credit Rich Egger

A Macomb man died shortly after getting into a fight but police say the cause of death remains undetermined.

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Increasing Number of Thefts
2:15 pm
Mon August 19, 2013

After Theft Macomb Police Say: Lock Your Doors

Macomb Police say residents should lock their doors even when they're home.
Credit Rich Egger

The Macomb Police Department said there has been a rise in thefts in the past few months. It's recommending residents take precautions after another theft was reported over weekend.

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Investigation Continues
12:23 am
Thu March 7, 2013

Incident Near WIU Campus Proves to be Hoax

Police Chief Curt Barker
Credit Rich Egger

Macomb police surrounded a home for five hours Wednesday evening, believing someone might be barricaded inside. But it turned out they were sent to the home on a prank call.

The 911 center received the call from 509 West Murray around 6:00 pm. Police Chief Curt Barker said the caller was a woman.

“She said there was an individual at the house and she gave the address and said that he had a firearm. And then in the background you could hear the male subject saying, ‘Are you calling the police? Are you calling the police?’ And then the phone went dead,” Barker said.

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