Local Commentaries

Bill Knight - September 27
1:23 pm
Thu September 27, 2012

The Rural Midwest Economy

Bill Knight

Illinois’ economy has been affected by the drought and other negatives, plus improved retail sales and home sales, but its overall Rural Mainstreet Index remains below neutral, according to the new assessment of Creighton University’s monthly poll of area business executives.

The state’s Rural Mainstreet Index (RMI) fell in August, says the project out of Creighton’s marketing and public relations department at its Omaha campus. It’s the third consecutive month Illinois’ RMI was below growth neutral.

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Heather McIlvaine-Newsad -- September 25
6:48 pm
Mon September 24, 2012

My Cousin Steve & The Importance of Place

Heather McIlvaine-Newsad
Rich Egger

My cousin Steve died earlier this month. He is the first of the cousins to pass, and although we haven’t seen each other in a really long time, he taught me a valuable lesson as he came to terms with a future we all face. His older brother Keim and I see each other more often, the last time being just a week or so before Steve died. 

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Bill Knight - September 20
10:24 am
Wed September 19, 2012

One Year Anniversary of the Occupy Movement

Bill Knight

This week is the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, and as two new fund-raising CDs get played more and more, it’s increasingly obvious that the 1% have more in common with Saudi potentates than regular Americans. … In some ways, that’s not new.

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Bill Knight - September 13
11:35 am
Wed September 12, 2012

Voodoo Economics in the 21st Century

Bill Knight

Big banks, corporations and Wall Street are making record profits, but workers, small businesses and Main Street are suffering. Will voters blame President Obama or the real culprits?

After decades of deregulating and tax-cutting for the wealthiest corporations and the rich (so these ‘job creators” will help the economy, supposedly), results show that the theory of “trickle-down” economics – which claimed that benefits gained by the affluent eventually will drip down to the rest of us – has failed.

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Heather McIlvaine-Newsad Commentary
6:53 pm
Mon September 10, 2012

War and Peace and WIU Guest Speakers

Heather McIlvaine-Newsad
Rich Egger

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the University Theme at WIU. By bringing internationally renowned speakers to campus, the University Theme offers students, faculty and community members the opportunity to enjoy candid and personal interactions with world leaders. Discussions that begin with the lectures often continue days and weeks later in residence halls, coffee shops and classrooms.

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