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Independent Map Amendment Gaining Steam in Illinois

Jul 30, 2015
Credit: The World Trade Council

The Independent Map Amendment hit the ground running only three months ago and has already received more than 210,000 petition signatures. This gives the group a significant jump on its goal of 600,000 signatures by spring 2016.

  Even as a lawsuit could nullify them, the state board of elections has begun a tedious — but necessary — task of preparing a pair of proposed constitutional amendments for the November ballot. The two citizen initiatives aim to strip lawmakers of the power to draw their own maps and to limit their terms in office.

A dozen-or-so workers sit at tables at the board of elections building in Springfield.

The state Supreme Court tossed out the lawsuit filed by Illinois Republicans, who challenged the new map of legislative districts.  The decision was issued Thursday, June 7.

The GOP  said Democrats drew the borders so the district territories would benefit Democratic candidates -- in effect, diluting the Republican vote.

State Democrats charged the lawsuit was too little, too late. The GOP waited until just six weeks before the March primary to file it.