Knox College

Student Reactions to President’s Plan

Jul 24, 2013
Chris Lovingood

During his speech at Knox College, President Obama said he will present a plan in the coming months for dealing with the rising costs of higher education.

Star of "The Hangover" Speaks at Knox Graduation

Jun 10, 2013
Chris Lovingood

Knox College’s 2013 graduates spent their final moments on campus with laughs and encouragement from a popular actor and comedian.

Rich Egger

The University of Iowa Press chooses two winners each year for the Iowa Short Fiction Awards. One of the winners this year is Chad Simpson of Knox College.

Simpson received the 2012 John Simmons Short Fiction Award. As part of the honor, the University of Iowa Press just published Simpson’s collection of short stories Tell Everyone I Said Hi.

Simpson said his stories often take a somber tone.

“What gets me started writing a story usually is an image that I want to get to, and in order to get to that image I have to find a kind of tone,” Simpson said.