Keokuk School District

The Keokuk School District has spent the past few months filling some key administrative vacancies. That process unexpectedly grew this week following the resignation of High School Principal Zach Wigle.

The Keokuk School Board this week approved a new two-year contract with the Keokuk Education Association. The  agreement takes effect July 1, 2016.

Jason Parrott / TSPR

Wells-Carey Elementary School was filled with Keokuk children for more than 80 years before closing its doors for good after the 2011-12 school year due to declining enrollment and the condition of the building. Now, it appears the former school will have its third owner in less than one year.

The Keokuk School District wants a judge to rule on a lawsuit filed by a former teacher before the lawsuit goes to trial next month. The district’s request for summary judgment is based on its belief that it has fully compensated Scott Schneider for his services.

Jason Parrott / TSPR

The Keokuk School Board has a new look following the Sept. 8 election as voters chose four new members to represent them. In the process, they removed a pair of incumbents and decided not to return a former board president to office.

July 30 was the final day candidates could file their nominating petitions for the Sept. 8 school board election in Iowa.  The two largest schools in the county (Fort Madison & Keokuk) have extremely crowded fields with twice as many candidates as open seats.

The Keokuk School District's administrative team will look much different when students resume classes this fall.  In fact, just one of the seven principals and assistant principals within Keokuk's four buildings will return in the same position.

The Keokuk School Board might soon adopt a set of district-wide goals for the upcoming school year.  The idea appears to be in response to the fact that the annual goals of Superintendent Tim Hood remain private.

A sex abuse lawsuit filed against the Keokuk School District by a former student has been dismissed.  District Court Judge Michael Schilling's ruling came down to the timing of the lawsuit.

The Keokuk School District does not believe Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is committing enough money to educate local children.

Decades of experience will be leaving the Keokuk School District a little sooner than anticipated.

A former vocational technology teacher in the Keokuk School District says he was forced to resign because of "intolerable working conditions."

The head of the Keokuk School District has received a contract extension.

A few Keokuk School District employees will get more windshield time this coming school year.

The Keokuk School District will not release more information about why the school board is divided over adding another year to Superintendent Tim Hood’s contract.