Keokuk City Council

2nd Attempt by Keokuk
7:42 pm
Mon November 19, 2012

Mayor Requesting Penalty $$$

Keokuk Mayor Tom Marion

Keokuk is looking to benefit from a penalty to a local company.

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Ordinance to Restrict Fails
11:19 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

Keokuk Maintains Concert Hours

The Keokuk City Council will not be changing the hours of outdoor concerts.

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Could Limit Outdoor Concerts
10:46 pm
Mon October 29, 2012

Keokuk to Address Noise

Keokuk City Council

Keokuk is ready to address some apparent noise problems.

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Discussion Next Week
8:39 am
Fri October 19, 2012

Keokuk Could Limit Outdoor Concerts

The Keokuk City Council has received multiple complaints about outdoor concerts at L-Treyn’s Bar and Grill over the last few years.

The panel’s only response, though, occurred in May 2011 when it required outdoor concerts end at 1:00 A.M. at all establishments where alcohol is sold.

The issue resurfaced during Thursday night’s workshop.

The result was 3rd Ward Alderman Ron Payne proposing the concerts end by either 10:00 P.M. or 11:00 P.M., depending on the night.

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Police Chief Recommends Crosswalk
7:40 am
Fri October 12, 2012

KHS Traffic Problems

Navigating a short stretch of Middle Road, between Keokuk High School and the student parking lot, can be very difficult after school or during special events.

Principal Larry Frakes says parents and visitors pull their vehicles into areas where parking is prohibited and leave them for extended periods of time.

He told the city council, Thursday night, that it has reached the point where a student was recently struck by a vehicle while crossing the street.

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