Keokuk City Council

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A single vote during last night’s Keokuk City Council meeting prompted a heated exchange between aldermen that continued after the meeting.  The vote was on a proposed business and its connection to someone who has a history with the city council.

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The Keokuk City Council delayed a vote on whether to remain a member of the countywide emergency dispatch center (LeeComm) in the hopes that future negotiations can occur. Alderman Dan Winn summed up the tone of his colleagues during this week's emergency meeting.

Keokuk, Fort Madison Budgets Wrapping Up

Feb 16, 2016

Cities and counties in Iowa must have their FY 2017 budgets certified by the state by March 15, even with the Iowa Legislature still in session. It leaves local governments, such as the cities of Keokuk and Fort Madison, to make their best estimates and hope they hold true.

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The Keokuk City Council's regularly scheduled meeting on Jan. 7 started as usual with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call of city council members. But when only Mike O'Connor (1st), Dan Winn (At Large), Larry Mortimer (4th Ward) and Sandy Pollitt (5th Ward) said present, Mayor Tom Marion was forced to call off the meeting due to the lack of a quorum.

There might be a new set of rules in place the next time people in Keokuk have to get rid of snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses. And the city's mayor is worried the changes could discourage some residents from helping others.

Mayor Tom Marion is confident Keokuk will announce the hiring of its new city administrator within the next two weeks. His declaration comes as the first round of in-person interviews is set to begin.

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The staff started preparing early on Monday at Angelini's.  It was an important day for the restaurant in downtown Keokuk. The sidewalk outside the Italian-themed eatery was power-washed and three metal tables were set up, with four chairs each. The tables were "walled" in by a series of plants, including herbs used in the kitchen. (Don DeBold)

The plan to construct Keokuk's first off-leash dog park in Riverview Park hit a bit of a snag as opposition surfaced to the proposed location. But that opposition could ultimately lead to a more favorable solution for all involved.

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Keokuk has gone without a city administrator since early 2008. City leaders hope to change that in the next few months.

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Some Keokuk residents who live near one of the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River are still waiting for a scenic road in front of their homes to reopen.  They are also waiting for the city to explain why it's taking so long to make that happen.

Keokuk Alderwoman Susan Dunek pledged to bring up the idea of hiring a a city administrator until something happens.  She said the city council would be foolish to just step back and do nothing.

The Keokuk City Council has been trying to find the money to pay for a city administrator.  It's been unsuccessful to this point, so the active search to fill the post has been placed on hold.

The Keokuk City Council is gradually making progress toward the hiring of a city administrator, after not having someone in that position for seven years. / Jan Smith

At-Large Alderman Dan Winn said the Keokuk City Council should pray before getting to work.

One southeast Iowa mayor says legal action remains possible if Lee County chooses to consolidate county services.