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Keokuk Area Hospital

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Great River Health Systems has announced plans to build a new urgent care clinic in Keokuk. The West Burlington-based health care provider said the new nearly $7 million facility will help it address a growing number of patients.

Keokuk Health Systems appears to be on track to become an affiliate of UnityPoint Health. The two sides signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding that will allow for continued negotiations.

Keokuk Area Hospital has been trying for months to secure money from Lee County for use as a local match for some federal funding. It appears that effort is over -- at least for the time being.

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Several dozen employees and other supporters of Keokuk Area Hospital turned out for this week's Lee County Board of Supervisors meeting, hoping to convince the board to contribute $111,000 to the hospital. Their efforts did not work out, but they might have planted the seed for future success.

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There were not enough aldermen at the Keokuk City Council's Jan. 7 meeting to vote on a request from Keokuk Area Hospital for roughly $111,000, so the hospital had to wait until Jan. 12. The wait was worth it, though, as aldermen unanimously approved the request.

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Matt Mullins admits his goal was to open the new Keokuk Medical Center months ago. But he said in no way does that diminish his excitement for the new facility, especially after seeing so many people attend the Dec. 8 open house.

Keokuk Area Hospital requested and received roughly $100,000 from Lee County in both 2013 and 2014. The third time might not be the charm, though, as the hospital's request for another $100,000 appears to be going nowhere.

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Duane Fitch has been trying to have a sit-down meeting with the Lee County Board of Supervisors for months, but it does not appear that will happen anytime soon. That's because Board Chairman Ron Fedler is not extending him an invitation.

The Lee County Health Department is working with Keokuk Area Hospital and Fort Madison Community Hospital to complete an assessment of the most pressing health needs for local residents.

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Keokuk Area Hospital did something during its most recently completed fiscal year that it hadn't done since 2009: end the year with a positive net income.  The head of the firm charged with reversing the hospital's financial struggles during the last few years said while that is great news and shows the result of lots of hard work, there is still a big hurdle to clear.

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Keokuk Area Hospital is confident that it's filled a key need within the community: off-hour, non-emergency health care.


Keokuk Area Medical Equipment and Supply's pharmacy will close on January 7, 2015.

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Some direct competition for Keokuk Area Hospital could arrive in May 2015 in the form of a partnership between Fort Madison Community Hospital and Blessing Health System out of Quincy, Ill.

Keokuk is well-known for its annual civil war re-enactment, but a different re-enactment drew a large crowd to Keokuk Area Hospital Friday afternoon.

The state of Iowa will be helping a local hospital with its financial struggles.

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Lee County has once again agreed to give Keokuk Area Hospital more than $100,000.  This makes it more than $200,000 in fewer than 12 months.

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Lee County wants to make sure it follows all rules and regulations in making a contribution to Keokuk Area Hospital.

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Questions are being raised about the legality of the Lee County Board’s vote to give money to Keokuk Area Hospital.

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Lee County has changed its mind about giving money to Keokuk Area Hospital.

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Keokuk Area Hospital is getting a $100,000 boost from its home city.

Keokuk Area Hospital could get a second chance to secure some much-needed money.

Keokuk will take its time when it comes to possibly implementing a franchise fee.

Lee County is being asked to help fund a "mega"-economic development effort in the northern part of the county.

The Lee County Board of Supervisors has denied a request from Keokuk Area Hospital for a $100,000 contribution on a 3-2 vote.

Fitch Healthcare will continue to manage Keokuk Area Hospital through January 2016.

The leadership team for Keokuk Area Hospital says the facility is ready to grow, after months of downsizing and restructuring.

Lee County has reaffirmed its financial commitment to Keokuk Area Hospital.

The head of the firm helping manage Keokuk Area Hospital says the decision to stop providing a key service came down to usage.

Keokuk Health Systems says it has significantly reduced its workforce.

A change in leadership is underway at Keokuk Area Hospital.