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A museum for a legendary jazz musician will be created in the Quad Cities.  The Bix Beiderbecke Museum and World Archives group has announced its plan for the first-ever Bix Museum, located at the River Music Experience in Davenport.

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Jazz biographer Gary Carner said he did not choose to focus on baritone saxophone player Pepper Adams so much as Adams chose him.

Jazz and Art in Macomb

Sep 30, 2012
Rich Egger

Chandler Park was the place to be on a sun-kissed Saturday as the Al Sears Jazz Festival, the Gazebo Arts Festival, and the Friends of the Library book sale drew crowds throughout the day.

John Miller is impressed with what he saw. Miller is a jazz musician who performs with The Romaniacs and The Dixie Daredevils. He thinks it’s a brilliant idea to combine the jazz and arts festivals.

“A lot of people come out who normally may not listen to jazz. This may be their first exposure. So to me that’s smart,” Miller said.