Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Plan Vetoed by Previous Governor
10:26 am
Sun January 18, 2015

Lawmaker Will Revive Bill to Allow Bobcat Hunting

Bobcats were once protected in Illinois, but the Illinois Department of Natural Resources says now their numbers have boomed.
Credit Wiki Commons

The Humane Society and other animal rights groups celebrated when --- in one of his final acts as governor --  Pat Quinn vetoed a proposal to reintroduce bobcat hunting in Illinois.

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Both Sides Reviewing Plan
4:57 pm
Sun August 31, 2014

Illinois Fracking Rules Released

Hydraulic fracturing involves injecting a high volume of water and chemicals into shale rock to get to oil and natural gas underneath.
Credit Wiki Commons

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has come out with a set of highly-anticipated rules that could finally lead to hydraulic fracturing in the state.

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Company Can Appeal
4:07 pm
Mon June 9, 2014

Industry Mine Permit Rejected

The Industry mine

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources denied Springfield Coal Company’s application to renew its surface coal mining permit at the Industry mine.

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Illinois Environmentalists
11:17 am
Thu April 3, 2014

Groups Want Coal Mine Rules Enforced


Groups such as the Sierra Club of Illinois feel the state has plenty of regulations for coal mining, but enforcement of rules has been lax.

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Springfield Coal’s Industry Mine
6:46 pm
Thu March 6, 2014

Outrage over New Math for Coal Mine Violations

The Industry mine

Those fighting against a permit renewal application for a western Illinois coal mine are flabbergasted by the latest development in the process.

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DNR Plan
1:40 pm
Fri February 14, 2014

Changes for Illinois Deer Hunters

Efforts to reduce the number of deer in Illinois have been so successful that the state plans to reduce the number of hunting permits this year.

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Does not want to renew permit at Industry mine.
2:27 pm
Fri December 14, 2012

Springfield Coal Drops Application for Mining Permit

Credit Marianne Morgan/

The company which operates the Industry Coal mine recently was found to have committed over six hundred water pollution violations. Springfield Coal also wanted to renew the mining permit for it’s mine near Industry.

The same day a press conference was to be held protesting the renewal of it’s mining permit, the company withdrew the application.

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Bill Sent to Governor
3:41 pm
Thu November 29, 2012

Illinois License Plate Fee to Support DNR

Illinois Licesnse Plate Sticker
Rich Egger

It will probably cost Illinois residents an extra two-dollars to renew their license plates next year. 

The money will help fund the Department of Natural Resources, which has seen its budget cut in half during the past decade. The DNR said that has left it with roads, sewage treatment plants, and roofs that "absolutely" need maintenance work.

The license plate sticker will also serve as a pass for Illinois residents to all of the state parks and recreation areas in Illinois.

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Damaged by Flood Waters
7:19 pm
Mon October 29, 2012

Argyle Lake Rehab Project Finished

Monday's ribbon cutting at Argyle Lake State Park
Credit Rich Egger

A project five years in the making is finally finished in western Illinois. A brief ribbon cutting ceremony was held Monday afternoon to celebrate the reopening of the road around Argyle Lake State Park near Colchester.

Portions of the road were washed out by a flash flood in late June 2007, which forced the state to close half the park.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Marc Miller participated in the ceremony and he drove the road earlier in the day.

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Senate Gives Thumbs Down
11:12 am
Fri June 1, 2012

Illinois State Parks Funding Plan Fails

Argyle Lake State Park is among the facilities that would have benefited from the funding plan
Rich Egger

A plan to raise funding for the agency that oversees state parks and conservation of wildlife  failed to win approval in the Illinois Senate during the waning hours of the 2012 session.

That agency -- the Department of Natural Resources -- has seen its budget cut in recent years. The DNR said state parks are deteriorating due to the funding decrease and its need for more employees.

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