Fort Madison

The hurdle that Fort Madison must clear to bring passenger rail service to Riverview Park is getting shorter.

A vacant library in downtown Fort Madison could soon have new life.

Fort Madison Waiting for Rain

Dec 16, 2012

Fort Madison is optimistic that the drought of 2012 will not end up costing it millions of dollars.

ATF Involved in FM Fire Investigation

Dec 1, 2012

Fort Madison is devoting additional resources to the investigation of multiple structural fires even as additional agencies get involved.

Pies Needed for Fort Madison Meal

Nov 20, 2012

Organizers are putting the final touches on this year’s Community Thanksgiving Dinner in Fort Madison and they are in need of a key component.

NCLHS Expects Busy Season

Nov 13, 2012

The North Lee County Historical Society is anticipating a busy holiday season now that its downtown museums are back open for business.

FM Complex Requires More Money

Nov 5, 2012

The effort to build a multi-sport complex in Fort Madison is getting some help with some unanticipated expenses.

Food Pantry Expects More Families

Nov 1, 2012

The Fort Madison Food Pantry says it is running low on supplies, just as the need for services is expected to increase.

Fort Madison Seeking Public Input

Nov 1, 2012

Fort Madison residents have several opportunities to weigh in on a proposed infrastructure improvement program.

Fort Madison is moving ahead with plans to extend city limits.

The city council has agreed to offer a series of annexation incentives to property owners near the Highway 2 interchange on Fort Madison’s west side.

The incentives include a reduction of utility connection fees by 50% if the connection is made within five years, a waiving of all administrative fees, and the grandfathering in of zoning designations as much as possible.

Local contractors will handle a majority of the upcoming improvements to downtown Fort Madison.

The city secured a $500,000 state grant to improve the facades of 13 buildings.  The property owners will contribute another $170,000 to the project.

The city chose to seek bids per category of work as opposed to going project by project so one contractor would handle all windows and doors while another would do the masonry, for example.

One of Lee County’s largest employers will drastically reduce its workforce before the end of the year.

Fort Madison is considering a plan to borrow millions of dollars to improve its infrastructure.

City Manager Byron Smith says a citizens’ survey was conducted last year. 

He says the results showed that residents are not happy with the quality of Fort Madison’s streets.

Smith says the city can only afford to make a few, small repairs to streets each year, so he is proposing a multi-million dollar infrastructure improvement program.

The proposal looks at what could be done from the city’s five-year capital improvement plan with $6-million. 

Fort Madison continues to clear the way for Amtrak to move its operations across town to the former Santa Fe Depot in Riverview Park.

The North Lee County Historical Society has a lease in place, through 2040, that allows it to use the complex for display and storage.

That agreement has now been amended.

City Manager Byron Smith says the historical society has agreed to relinquish the eastern 2/3 of the main building.  He says the organization will also make more space available if requested by Amtrak in the future.

Fort Madison is moving ahead with a plan to reorganize several departments.

Six veteran employees signed up to take advantage of the city’s early retirement program, which means they will be stepping down before the end of the calendar year.

City Manager Byron Smith says the group of retiring employees includes the heads of the water department, the public works department and the wastewater treatment plant.

He says the city will replace the three positions with one new public works director.