The clock is ticking for city leaders in Burlington to convince residents that it's a good idea to borrow money for a new police station.  The $4 million bond referendum will appear on the Nov. 3 municipal election ballot.

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State Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) said two pieces of legislation she promoted this year grew out of concerns brought to her.  Governor Bruce Rauner signed both bills into law this month.

A former member of the Lee County Board of Supervisors -- who was accused of participating in illegal secret meetings when he served on the board -- wants the county to recoup the money spent in his defense following the dismissal of a lawsuit against him. Ernie Schiller said the actions of the people who filed the lawsuit will end up costing taxpayers money at a time when the county budget is tight.

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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said equipment failures at Roquette America's plant in Keokuk on Monday resulted in about 4,000 gallons of industrial wastewater entering the Mississippi River.

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Public universities in Illinois find themselves in an odd situation.  A new school year is underway but the state has no budget for higher education, which means there is no state money coming in to the public institutions.

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Macomb School Superintendent Mark Twomey set a goal of having 100% of third grade students reading at grade level.

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday that it reached a settlement with Iowa Fertilizer Company and the contractor building its roughly $2 billion dollar production facility near Wever, Iowa regarding water quality violations.  IFC and Orascom E&C USA agreed to pay a $80,689 civil penalty.

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Macomb's Tri-County Regional Collection Facility will celebrate its ten-year anniversary next month. The facility is responsible for the collection of household electronics from eight counties in western Illinois.

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A plan to register and license businesses in Galesburg didn't receive support from aldermen. They unanimously voted down a proposal that would have amended the city's municipal code to add a general business license.

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Since it opened its doors last September, The Kozmic Game Emporium in Macomb's downtown has offered a new and unique social opportunity. And as the shop gains more attention, its free game nights are gaining traction. 

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Current and former residents of southeast Iowa are being asked to contribute to a wide variety of projects throughout the region including efforts to restore old buildings and save historic sites.  Tri States Public Radio checked in on a few of these projects this week.

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The head of the Galesburg School District wants to hear some new ideas when it comes to solving the district’s financial challenges. Galesburg is projecting a $2.6-million shortfall in the budget for the 2015/2016 school year.

An attempt to give hundreds of students better access to technology did not go as planned for four southeast Iowa school districts.  The result is a lawsuit that claims the electronic devices the districts purchased were faulty.

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The magical world of Hogwarts is coming to Macomb. The city was chosen over Ames, Iowa to host a regional tournament for the not-so-fictional sport of Quidditch.

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Several members of the Lee County Board of Supervisors are no longer being sued  for allegedly violating Iowa's Open Meetings Act.