8:48 am
Fri October 2, 2009

Emphasis - October 2

Macomb, IL – Rich Egger's guest is wildlife artist Susan Morrison. She was in Macomb this week to give a presentation on the business of art.

Morrison recommends artists take business classes. She says they need to take control of their careers by understanding marketing and how their money is being handled.

Morrison's Signature Gallery is located in Arkansas. Her most famous work is Animal Tracks. It was distributed through Wal-Mart to improve environmental awareness.

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4:34 pm
Thu September 24, 2009

Emphasis - September 25

Rushville, IL – This week's program features a history walk around Rushville's square. "Current Locations - Distant Memories" was presented by the Schuyler Arts Council.

Local actors in period costumes portrayed people from Rushville's past while standing outside locations on the city's historic square. They described the significance of those buildings.

In order of appearance:

I. N. Vedder was portrayed by Garry Moreland. The script about the corner drug store was written by Carol Walker and Garry Moreland.

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12:13 pm
Fri September 18, 2009

Emphasis - September 18

Macomb, IL – Rich Egger's guests are Kathy Ryg and Larry Joseph of the group "Voices for Illinois Children."

Ryg is the organization's president and Joseph serves as its director of budget and tax policy initiative.

They talk about health insurance coverage for children in Illinois. The number of children covered has increased, largely due to the "All Kids" program. However, the state's budget problems could impact the program.

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12:32 pm
Fri September 11, 2009

Emphasis - September 11

Macomb, IL – Rich Egger's guest is Illinois College President Axel Steuer. They talk about the steps the college is taking to become carbon neutral.

Illinois College has already completed a carbon footprint assessment of its campus. The school says it will next create a climate action plan that includes goals for reaching carbon neutrality and metrics for tracking progress.

Steuer also says Illinois College hopes to turn its campus into an arboretum.

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11:54 am
Fri September 4, 2009

Emphasis - September 4

Macomb, IL – Rich Egger's guest is Heather Hoffmann. She's a professor of psychology at Knox College.

Hoffmann and fellow researcher Erick Janssen of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University received a $275,000 federal grant. They will use the money to conduct a two year study into behavorial intervention programs designed to reduce the spread of AIDS.

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