House Already Approved Bill
11:45 am
Fri January 31, 2014

2014 Farm Bill Would Change US Ag Policy


It’s getting so close now… Wednesday morning the U.S. House passed the Agriculture Act of 2014, the new farm bill. The Senate is expected to take a preliminary vote Monday, February 3.

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EQIP and CSP Will Continue
8:45 am
Tue October 22, 2013

Some Conservation Programs Expire with Farm Bill

The wetland reserve program is no longer authorized due to the lack of a farmbill.

The farm bill expired at the end of September which means funding for conservation programs has dried up too, but that’s not true for not all conservation programs.

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Farm Bill Expired Sept. 30th
1:36 pm
Tue October 1, 2013

Hard To Get Farm Bill Info During Shutdown

All USDA websites direct users to
Credit SSS- USDA.Gov

The partial shutdown of the Federal Government is hitting at the same time that the current farm bill expires. What does that expiration mean for farm programs, including conservation?

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Even though funding not there yet
3:16 pm
Tue September 3, 2013

NRCS Signing Up Farmers for 2014 Conservation Programs

2014 conservation programs will be funded by either a new farm bill or a new extension.
Credit SSS

The USDA"s Natural Resources Conservation Service is encouraging Iowa farmers to sign up for conservation programs for next year but as of now those programs have no funding.

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May affect SE Iowa.
3:39 pm
Mon July 8, 2013

Court Ruling May Reduce CRP Acres

A recent federal court ruling may increase the cost of putting land into the CRP.
Credit SSS

A recent federal tax court ruling might affect the amount of farmland in Southeast Iowa that’s put into conservation programs.

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