Illinois State Police said the agency is ready to begin processing applications from residents who want to carry concealed weapons.

Concealed Carry & Open Government

Jun 17, 2013

The concealed carry legislation approved late last month by the Illinois General Assembly creates a seven-member board to review applications from people who want to be able to carry a gun in public.

Training to Carry a Gun in Public

Jun 12, 2013

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is still reviewing the concealed carry measure approved by state lawmakers this spring. The legislation includes a provision requiring hands-on training, which is something those on both sides of the gun debate say is important.

Illinois Legislature Approves Conceal-Carry

May 31, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn says he will “review” legislation allowing people to carry guns in public.

Illinois House Approves Conceal-Carry

May 24, 2013

The Illinois House on Friday approved legislation that would let Illinoisans carry concealed firearms.  It passed on a vote of 85 to 30 after more than two hours of debate.

Illinois is the lone state that prohibits people from carrying guns in public, but that might not be the case much longer.  A federal court opinion strikes down the state's ban.            

"“It means that in 2013 Illinois will join 49 other states and we will have a law to allow people to carry handguns for self-defense outside the home,” said Todd Vandermyde of the National Rifle Association.

Vandermyde has been lobbying legislators for years to pass a concealed carry law.  Now, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has given the General Assembly 180 days to pass one.