Summer Water Sales Broke Even
12:38 pm
Thu September 13, 2012

Carthage's Smelly Water Has Cost City

Mayor Jim Nightingale

Carthage has spent a second consecutive summer dealing with discolored and smelly tap water.

While the water is safe, it was unsavory. The city used extra chemical treatment in an effort to reduce the problems.

Mayor Jim Nightingale says the has spent 52% of the budgeted amount for chemical treatment just one-third of the way through the city's fiscal year.

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Addition is for Funeral Collection
11:43 am
Fri August 31, 2012

Kibbe Museum to Add Space

Kibbe Museum

The Kibbe Museum in Carthage has found a solution to its growing pains.

It will build a new 40' by 60' addition to the east of the existing complex.

Storage space has been in short supply since the museum accepted an extensive collection last year that filled two semi-trailers.

It came from the Museum of Funeral Customs in Springfield which closed its doors for good in 2009.

Items from the collection have been stored in a building belonging to a local manufacturer. Mayor Jim Nightingale says that donation is coming to an end.

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City Seeks Replacement
11:28 am
Wed August 29, 2012

Carthage Alderman Resigns

Carthage is looking for someone willing to serve on the city council.

Second-ward Alderman Jim Fink resigned his seat on the city council this week. He had served in that capacity for two years.

He was forced to step down after moving outside the city limits.

Mayor Jim Nightingale says Fink has suggested a possible successor.

Nightingale says, “He has a person in mind, which I haven't talked to yet. But, hopefully, I'll have somebody on board by the second meeting in September.”

The mayor did not identify the candidate.

Part of Kibbe Museum Collection
12:08 pm
Tue August 28, 2012

Carthage Puts Hearse on Block

Kibbe Museum

The hearse was part of a collection the city's Kibbe Museum acquired last year  It was originally displayed at the Museum of Funeral Customs in Springfield. That museum closed for good in 2009.

The late 1960s Cadillac model was recently damaged when a volunteer backed it into a pole.

Mayor Jim Nightingale says the hearse was in storage. It was being moved to get access to a horse-drawn hearse when a volunteer backed it into a pole.

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Residents Also See Discoloration
9:38 am
Mon August 20, 2012

Carthage Drinking Water Has Odors

Carthage residents have been living with discolored and smelly water from their taps for two weeks.

City residents endured a similar occurrence last summer.

Second-Ward Alderman Gary Smith says the problem, and the culprit, are the same.

He says, “The really high temperatures and the low lake has caused the algae to be an issue in the lake. They're treating it but everything's working against us. It seems to be working itself out.”

The level of the city's lake is about eight feet below normal.

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