The talk of a joint law enforcement center in Burlington is starting to rekindle.

The Port of Burlington will soon be an example of “going green.”

Burlington is working with a development firm out of Omaha, Nebraska interested in purchasing a piece of land the city has been trying to sell for years.

Burlington’s plan to create a pair of franchise fees has taken another step forward.

Burlington has received some good news and some bad news in regards to its credit rating.

A proposal to help Burlington’s budget could have a negative impact on its neighbors.

Tax Hike Expected in Burlington

Dec 11, 2012

Property owners in Burlington should anticipate a significant increase in the city’s portion of their property tax bills.

Charges Filed in Fatal Boat Crash

Dec 8, 2012

Two Burlington men face multiple felonies in connection with a deadly boat crash on the Mississippi River in May.

Vote on Burlington Fire Chief

Dec 1, 2012

City Manager Jim Ferneau says Interim Fire Chief Matt Trexel is his choice to lead the Burlington Fire Department.

Jason Parrott’s guest for this week’s program was Don Traman of Burlington.  Traman is the new Chairman of the volunteer organization, Friends of the Burlington Depot.

Burlington Updating Rental Inspections

Nov 23, 2012

The process of updating the rules for Burlington’s rental inspection program appears to be very fluid at this point.


U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) says a public-private partnership is working well in southeast Iowa.

Burlington residents should get ready to pay more to have their garbage picked up each month.

Burlington residents could soon pay more to get rid of their garbage.

City Manager Jim Ferneau says the base fee is $12.10/month.  He says that does include recycling and inclusion in a city-wide clean-up.

The fee does not appear to be enough to balance the $2-million sanitation budget, which is carrying a roughly $220,000 shortfall.

Ferneau says part of the reason for that is the city has only adjusted the monthly rate based on increasing tipping fees at the local landfill. 


Democratic Primary

Western Commissioner (choose 1)

Paul Brotherton - 195 votes (42%)

Ed Knupp - 139 votes (30%)

Roger Sedore (Incumbent) - 130 votes (28%)

Republican Primary

Eastern Commissioner (choose 1)

Henry Dienst - 179 votes (69%)

Larry Saxton - 81 votes (31%)

Extension of Road Use Sales Tax

Yes - 714 votes (71%)

No - 296 votes (29%)