Burlington School District

Some recent actions by the Burlington School Board could help the panel craft the district's upcoming budget.

Jason Parrott / Tri States Public Radio

The Burlington School District placed an employee on administrative leave after the worker left a student alone in Aldo Leopold Middle School after hours.

There are still many more questions than answers when it comes to the abrupt resignation of an administrator in the Burlington School District.

Burlington High School students will soon have access to a laptop computer at home and in the classroom.

Burlington School District Facebook / Winfield-Mt. Union School District

The Burlington School District could have a new superintendent by the end of the night.

The Burlington School District's current officer is based at the high school.  The second officer will rotate between the district’s two middle schools and attend extracurricular activities as needed.

The Burlington School District has committed more money to a major upgrade of its football stadium.

A new state program will help boost the starting pay for teachers in the Burlington School District.

Teachers in the Burlington School District are looking for some changes in their next employment contract.

The Burlington School District will now accept reports of bullying that are filed online.

The Burlington School District says it reacted quickly to an online video that appears to show a student being bullied on school property.

The Burlington School District is moving ahead with its share of the proposed $3.4-million renovation of Bracewell Stadium, which is home to multiple middle and high school teams.

The Burlington School Board wants more information about how the school district is addressing bullying.

The Burlington School District is trying to make sure its employees know how to respond to a dangerous situation or circumstance.

The school board elections in southeast Iowa (Lee & Des Moines Counties) are scheduled for Tuesday, September 10.