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Burlington City Council

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School-age children in Burlington will have to get home a little sooner if the city council has its way.

The city of Burlington will soon need one of its residents to step up and answer the call to serve.

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Burlington wants to make sure there is no confusion when police are called to potentially deadly situations.

The Burlington City Council is trying to reduce what could be a hefty property tax increase next year.

It will cost a little more for some to do business in Burlington in 2014.

The Burlington City Council could soon set a deadline to complete negotiations surrounding the future management of Memorial Auditorium.

The head of the Burlington Public Library says she and her staff are in a "wait-and-see mode" in regards to the likelihood of additional budget cuts.

The Burlington City Council has voted down a proposed management contract for Memorial Auditorium so it can be brought up again for a future vote.

One of the candidates for three Burlington City Council seats says it’s time to stop what he describes as out-of-control spending.

Alderman Christopher Reed says he ran for a seat on the Burlington City Council, four years ago, to serve the community.

Burlington has stopped its search for a new home for one of its departments.

Plenty of people want to serve on the Burlington City Council.

It appears the city of Burlington will have to go it alone when it comes to finding a new home for its police department.

The Burlington City Council will have to account for a significant budget shortfall following this week's special election.

Burlington residents must decide whether to help the city's checkbook or their own.

The Greater Burlington Partnership is looking for the city’s help in improving the local housing market.

Burlington is seeking federal help in protecting several downtown properties from flooding.

The Burlington City Council has agreed to lease a vacant building to a local preservation organization.

Burlington residents can have their voices heard about the potential sale of land that has sat vacant for years.

It appears Burlington will have to cut staff and raise taxes to balance the city's budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Burlington Raising Service Fees

Dec 25, 2012

The Burlington City Council continues to increase fees in anticipation of 2013, with the latest covering Flint Hills Municipal Golf Course and facilities in Crapo, Perkins, Riverfront, and Dankwardt Parks.

Tax Hike Expected in Burlington

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Property owners in Burlington should anticipate a significant increase in the city’s portion of their property tax bills.

Burlington City Council Approves Goals

Nov 26, 2012

The Burlington City Council has signed off on its goals for the next two years.

Jason Parrott’s guest for this week’s program was Don Traman of Burlington.  Traman is the new Chairman of the volunteer organization, Friends of the Burlington Depot.

Burlington Updating Rental Inspections

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The process of updating the rules for Burlington’s rental inspection program appears to be very fluid at this point.

Acting Burlington Fire Chief Lone Finalist

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The man currently leading the Burlington Fire Department is in line to keep the job.

Burlington Addressing Finances

Nov 9, 2012

Burlington is taking steps to get its financial house in order.

Candidates have until 5:00 P.M. on Friday, Oct. 26 to apply to be Burlington’s next fire chief.

Burlington residents should get ready to pay more to have their garbage picked up each month.

Burlington residents could soon pay more to get rid of their garbage.

City Manager Jim Ferneau says the base fee is $12.10/month.  He says that does include recycling and inclusion in a city-wide clean-up.

The fee does not appear to be enough to balance the $2-million sanitation budget, which is carrying a roughly $220,000 shortfall.

Ferneau says part of the reason for that is the city has only adjusted the monthly rate based on increasing tipping fees at the local landfill.