Rich Egger

3-D imaging is becoming more popular among engineers working on building additions or remodeling projects.

Rich Egger

Some new touches have been added to the Old Lincoln Courtroom and Museum in Beardstown.

A proposed administrative position in the Beardstown Police Department remains in limbo.

The item was not on the last city council agenda. The city's Fire, Police and Ambulance Committee will try to find a resolution.

The city council and police union agree on the need for a second shift supervisor. The parties disagree on the standing of the position.

The city considers the position administrative and, hence, non-union. The police union wants the position covered under its contract with the city.

Beardstown Police Position is in Limbo

Jun 12, 2012

Beardstown and its police union agree the department needs a second-shift supervisor. However, they disagree on the standing of the position. The union wants to see the position covered under its union contract with the city.

Mayor Bob Walters disagrees.

He says, “If it's filled, that person would not be allowed to patrol like a regular patrolman. I personally feel that it's a management position and not a union position.”

This week the city's police, fire and ambulance committees met together in an effort to find a solution. Instead they tabled the issue.

Rentals of Senior Center Will Cease

Apr 24, 2012

Beardstown will no longer  rent out the Golden Age building for special events.

The city has charged a $50 rental fee for the building's use. City Clerk Brian Ruch said the low fee has made it very popular for parties and special events.

He said, “Over the last few years it's being rented out quite often. The extra traffic is (creating) wear and tear on the building.”

Events that have already been booked will be allowed.

Ruch said the building was built in the late 1990s but is showing signs of advanced age.