Army Corps of Engineers

Lock 19 at Keokuk Remains Open
5:28 pm
Thu May 30, 2013

Three Mississippi River Locks Closed

Lock 19 in Keokuk

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has closed three locks on the Mississippi River due to rising water levels.

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Bipartisan Bill introduced by IL Lawmakers
2:48 pm
Wed March 20, 2013

Bill to Help Mississippi River Adapt to Drought


US Senator Dick Durbin of  Illinois recently introduced a bill to help the nation prepare to deal with the effects of future droughts on the Mississippi river.

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Drought Has Hurt Both Rivers
4:09 pm
Mon December 3, 2012

Falling Water in the Mississippi Could be Helped by the Missouri


The lower Mississippi River may soon experience record low levels last seen in the 1930’s.  That’s according to the Army Corps of Engineers, who are responsible for the Lock and Damn system which keeps the upper Mississippi navigable despite the drought.

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