Amazon tax

Requires Federal Action
10:55 pm
Mon March 24, 2014

Rep. Kearns Wants Online Tax Collected

Roughly half the states require websites like to collect sales taxes. Iowa does not.

One southeast Iowa lawmaker says a lack of action by the federal government is costing both the state and small businesses money.

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High Court Ruling
5:18 pm
Fri October 18, 2013

Justices Reject Illinois’ Amazon Tax

Credit Rich Egger

The Illinois Supreme Court struck down the so-called "Amazon tax."

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Line Included on Income Tax Forms
11:19 am
Sun January 29, 2012

Illinois Pursuing On-Line Sales Taxes

The State of Illinois is again making an effort to get more people to pay taxes they owe for on-line purchases.

It was an unwelcome surprise for many when they filled out their income taxes last year.  Illinois' forms specifically asked filers to come clean about how much they'd shopped on-line.

The requirement to pay state sales taxes on Internet purchases is nothing new but it wasn't well known.

Calling attention to it changed that somewhat. Illinois received an extra $11 million last year after adding the high profile line on the forms.  

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