Song Travels with Michael Feinstein

Sundays, 6:00- 7:00am
  • Hosted by Michael Feinstein

"Song Travels with Michael Feinstein” is a new 13-hour special series from NPR and South Carolina ETV Radio, hosted by five-time Grammy-nominated performer Michael Feinstein. In each program, Feinstein sits down with a musical guest to explore American Popular Song and the intimate journey singers and songs take with one another, each changing the other through the course of a lifetime.

The line-up of top performers spans the musical spectrum, and includes Liza Minnelli, Bette Midler, violinist Joshua Bell, Pink Martini pianist Thomas Lauderdale, U.K. pop sensation, Rumer, and actor David Hyde Pierce, who illustrate the Great American Songbook to a whole new audience. With this new series, Feinstein, a longtime archivist and advocate for the repertoire, re-introduces the original canon of Popular Song tunes through fresh translations. His guests share their passion for the songs through conversation, and occasional performances and duets with Feinstein, illustrating the continuing evolution of the songs across time, as well as each guest’s own musical journey.