Folk Alley

Sundays, 10:00pm- 12:00am
Jim Blum went online in September 2003, offering live-streaming music over the Internet 24 hours a day. The hosted stream is produced by WKSU-FM in Kent, OH, which also built and maintains the web site. The Folk Alley playlist is created by senior host, Jim Blum, and Folk Alley Music Director Linda Fahey and features a distinctive blend of the best of singer/songwriter, Celtic, acoustic, Americana, traditional, and world sounds.



August 11, 2013

10:05 PM
Cross Of Jesus
Artist : Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Album : Little Blue Egg
Label : Red House
10:08 PM
Tough & Tender
Artist : Harry Manx
Album : West Eats Meet
Label : Dog My Cat
10:15 PM
Goodbye my Bluebelle
Artist : Merle Travis
Album : in Boston 1959
Label : Rounder
10:18 PM
Hillbilly Blues
Artist : Pharis & Jason Romero
Album : A Passing Glimpse
Label : Lula Recor
10:23 PM
La Mamba
Artist : Obo & Sol Luna
Album : Cariba
Label : SSS
10:26 PM
Spanish Burgundy
Artist : Tom Russell
Album : The Long Way Around
Label : Hightone
10:30 PM
Love & Happiness For You
Artist : Kimmie Rhodes w/Emmylou Harris
Album : Love Me Like a Song
Label : Sunbird
10:34 PM
Still Got A Ways To Go
Artist : Darrell Scott
Album : Long Ride Home
Label : Full Light
10:39 PM
Artist : Amelia Curran
Album : Hunter Hunter
Label : Six Shoote
10:48 PM
The Mountain’s Gonna Sing
Artist : Steep Canyon Rangers
Album : Deep In The Shade
Label : Rebel
10:52 PM
Caney Fork River
Artist : Old Man Luedecke
Album : My Hands are on Fire and Other Love Songs
Label : Black Hen
10:54 PM
Go Lightly in the Night
Artist : John McEuen
Album : Acoustic Traveller
Label : Warner Bro
10:59 PM
Rex’s Blues
Artist : Guy Clark
Album : The Dark
Label : Sugar Hill