Workweek Back To Normal In Lee County

Fort Madison, IA – The workweek for some Lee County employees will be returning to normal. During this week's meeting, the County Board of Supervisors officially overturned its decision to reduce the workweek for the county's union workers. The move is part of an agreement between the county and the unions representing its workers to settle several prohibitive practice complaints that had been filed. Employees who worked the reduced hours for almost two months will also be compensated. The workweek reduction essentially negated a 3% pay hike for union workers that took effect July first. The board may also vote on overturning a cost-cutting measure levied against non-union workers. To negate pay hikes for these workers, the supervisors voted to require them to pay for part of their health insurance coverage. The board is expected to vote, next week, on whether to overturn that decision since the workweek for union workers has been restored.