Work on Museum Continues

Monmouth, IL – The Warren County Historical Society's new museum is taking shape, but it's not yet ready to open.

Board Member Fred Jenks says the group is still working on its new location on South Sunny Lane in Monmouth. Jenks says volunteers are needed to help fix up the building so more displays can be moved in. "There are a lot of things there to do," says Jenks.

"A lot of the rooms aren't totally finished off or they were done with a different usage than what we have in mind. We are having to strip everything and repaint rooms to get them ready to put our displays and things in."

Jenks says people can help paint and clean from 8:00 AM to noon on Saturdays. "We are just trying to get the bathrooms finished up, the serving area, display rooms, and the entry way," says Jenks. "We are just trying to get everything cleaned up and put in to shape."

He hopes the museum can open sometime next year. "We have been saying 2011 to play it safe," says Jenks. "But I would hope by sometime next year we can have it open. We've only moved one room. We have three floors of material to move, plus a basement full of agricultural equipment."

Jenks says the historical society is currently leasing the building. He says the group will soon own it. Jenks would not disclose the cost of the building, because the group has not yet closed on the property. "We will close prior to January 8, 2010," Jenks says.

The previous museum was located at the former Roseville High School building. "The building in Roseville was in horrible condition," says Jenks. "There was literally a hole in the roof."