WIU Student to Run for Mayor

Macomb, IL – D'Angelo Taylor is the third person to join the race for Macomb mayor. Taylor made the announcement before supporters in the Prairie Lounge at the Western Illinois University Union.

Taylor said his top concern is the condition of Macomb's roads. However, he does not support the proposed half-cent sales tax hike to pay for road repairs and said he plans to vote against the referendum.

Taylor said the state and federal governments should provide more money to the city for road work.

"We have to, I wouldn't say be militant about it, but we really have to get on John Sullivan and Bobby Schilling," said Taylor. "All these bills are passing in Congress. There's pork in those bills. Send some down to Macomb. We vote down here too."

Taylor said he does not like the idea of imposing a local tax when the state should be providing money to the city.

Taylor is a former member of the WIU Board of Trustees. He has not served on the city council but does not consider that a hindrance as he pursues the job of mayor.

"Last time I checked, you didn't have to be a city council person to be a mayor," Taylor said. "I'm pretty sure that I'm capable of doing the job. I don't know all the issues but I'll make sure that I put in the work for it."

Taylor thinks there is a "town and gown" divide in Macomb. He blames it on a lack of communication.

Taylor said grew up in Richmond, Virginia but has come to love Macomb. He is a senior majoring in Political Science. Taylor will receive his degree in May but plans to remain at WIU to attend graduate school.

Taylor has not yet submitted his nominating petitions but said he has collected enough signatures to qualify. He said most of those who signed his petitions are fellow WIU students.