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WIU Security Expert on Doing Business in Conflict

Apr 18, 2013

There are items we may want like a new cell phone, an iPad or a luxury car. Then there are items we need like food, water and shelter.

While we can put those "wants" on hold we must obtain the "needs" no matter where we are in the world, even a region dealing with civil unrest,ethnic conflicts or terrorism.

Dean Alexander, director of WIU's Homeland Security Research Program, in March 2011, talking with Fatah prisoners incarcerated in an Israeli prison in Beersheba.
Credit WIU

That's why businesses providing those needs must be able to adapt if they are operating in a dangerous area.

Dean Alexander is the Director of the Homeland Security Research program at Western Illinois University.

He recently spoke at Baskent University in Ankara,  Turkey about protecting sporting events against security threats.

Alexander explored a similar topic during a speech at W-I-U on how companies cope with operating in conflict zones.

He said a wide range of challenges can be present.

He said business must be flexible when working in conflict zones as they have to deal with challenges that don't exist in peaceful areas.

Those includes dealing with a rule of law that may theoretically exist but doesn't have any force on the ground.