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WIU Field Day Focus on Managing Crop Health and Quality

Aug 13, 2014

WIU's annual event serves local farmers, gardeners and those interested in organic produce.

Allison Farm
Credit Joel Gruver / Google Plus

Much of Thursday's event will focus on organic grain farming.

But, Joel Gruver with Western’s School of Agriculture says many can benefit from learning how to produce a higher quality product. 

“I really expect people will walk away with new ideas that they can put into action on their farms," Gruver said. "Even if the farmer doesn’t have a desire to become an organic grain farmer, they will get some ideas about the potential of value added marketing.”

WIU Allison Farm Field Day runs from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday.

It kicks off at Dakin farm in Roseville and wraps up at Western's Alison Farm. Gruver says he expects the highlight will be the organic, locally produced lunch.