WIU Can Move Forward With Projects

Macomb, IL – Western Illinois University will soon have funding available for some major projects.

The Capital Bill signed by Governor Pat Quinn includes $67.8-million for Western's Performing Arts Center and $15.8-million for phase one of the Quad Cities Riverfront Campus. It also includes $3.5-million for capital renewal projects.

Provost Jack Thomas says it's exciting to see this all finally come to fruition. "This means a lot for Western, particularly after seeing us move forward with our new academic programs," says Thomas. "We want our students to come to our university, not just to get a quality and well-rounded education, but we want to make sure we have the state-of-the-art facilities available for our students."

"We are quite excited about it," says Thomas. "After not having a capital bill for many years and to see this happen, we are very excited about it. This is just a start. This is a plus for us. These are great times in the history of Western Illinois University to get this much funding at this particular time."

Capital renewal projects includes deferred maintenance. "There will be upgrades to our classrooms, the heating plant, elevators, and the roofing on certain buildings," says Thomas. "We have had some deteriorating buildings here at Western. All of those things are included in deferred maintenance."

Thomas says the Performing Arts Center and new Riverfront Campus will help the University recruit more students, faculty, and staff. Thomas feels this will help the University move forward as an institution.