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What's Next for Concealed Carry in Illinois?

Nov 12, 2012

Voters in ten counties, including Schuyler, Warren and McDonough counties voted in favor of  the referendum. So does that mean we are likely to see a change in the law any time soon?

Western Illinois University Political Science Professor Casey LaFrance doesn’t think so. 

WIU Political Science Professor Casey LaFrance

Not long after, Pike County became the first to pass an advisory referendum in support of the law, during this year’s primaries.  

LaFrance said the other counties modeled their measures  after Pike County. He says those who organized the referenda in this area hope it will continue to spread.

“Maybe what they’re seeking is to hit some critical threshold, a tipping point if you will. Where the legislators will say maybe we should give this some extra thought, “ LaFrance said.

Though support is strong in rural area, it’s much less so in Cook County.

He said a similar situation existed in Wisconsin, which passed concealed carry legislation just last year.  There many thought liberal leaning Madison would block any proposed legislation.