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Western Illinois University Recruits Youth

Jun 16, 2014

Western Illinois University holds various programs throughout the summer for high school students and younger. It's an enrichment and recruiting tool.

The programs and camps are designed not only to help students academically, but to get them thinking about college early in life.

An airbrush class at Garwood Hall is part of an art camp at WIU.
Credit Frannie Smith / Tri States Public Radio News

Budget Director Matt Bierman says although some of the events help the university financially, Western's main focus is to recruit.

"So..are those (programs) money makers for us? Sometimes, but most of the time we just want them to be break even since they are apart of our recruitment process, a long-term recruitment process," says Bierman.

Some of the programs have been held, but there is still time to sign up for the math, art, and film programs that take place next month.

Brochures containing more information are available on the university's website.