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West Prairie To Talk Consolidation With Monmouth-Roseville

Colchester, IL – The West Prairie School Board has agreed to enter talks with Monmouth-Roseville about a possible consolidation.

Monmouth-Roseville is sending letters to neighboring districts to gauge interest in mergers. That idea was laid out as part of the district's deficit reduction plan approved this spring.

Superintendent Jonathan Heerboth says the two sides have agreed to talk, but will not indicate whether the school board interested in merging.

"They're always interested in hearing what neighbors have to say," says Heerboth. "Their instruction to me was to contact the board president and superintendent at Monmouth-Roseville, and just express their interest in a chance to get together."

Heerboth says the meeting will be important because he knows very little about the Monmouth-Roseville district. Heerboth says he only runs into Paul Woehlke a few times a year because the two districts are part of different regional offices of education.

The meetings would likely consist of two board members, the board president and superintendent from both districts.

It's unclear when such a meeting will take place -- but Heerboth anticipates it will likely happen within a few weeks.