Weather Impacting Fort Madison Water Line

Fort Madison, IA – Lee County had to find a new water source for its expanded and renovated jail. After reviewing several proposals, the Board of Supervisors agreed to purchase water from Fort Madison.

The option became available because the jail sits between the city and the site of Fort Madison's new multi-million gallon-per-day water plant. The plant, though, is under construction so the city will run a water line from its current system to the jail.

City Manager Byron Smith says the work has already started, but has since been delayed due to the extreme cold. He says the contract, though, calls for the line to reach the jail by January 31.

"Because it is in the contract," says Smith, "penalties will start to rack up for the contractor. They have assured us that as soon as they can, they will put extra labor to it to get it out there."

The new water line will eventually extend past the jail and connect to Fort Madison's new water treatment plant.

Smith says a formal water purchase agreement between Fort Madison and Lee County is close to completion. The Lee County Board of Supervisors initially expressed concerns about the water being available, this month, for the jail.