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Warsaw Expected to Repair Street Again

Mar 4, 2014

One of Warsaw’s most traveled streets could be in line for another round of repairs.

Warsaw's S. 6th Street
Credit Jason Parrott / Tri States Public Radio

Mayor Tiffany Murphy says S. 6th Street was not scheduled for repairs last year, but the city had an opportunity to rehab the deteriorating street after completing several other projects.

Crews tore up and resurfaced roughly six blocks of the street about seven months ago.

Murphy says unfortunately, the repairs did not take and the street has fallen into disrepair.

"The base that we worked with was not as thick as we originally thought," says Murphy, "which is why we are now going to do core samples to see what we really need to do to build up the base, mill the top, and add the sealant."

Public Works Superintendent Gary Huston says the samples will not be taken until the weather improves.

He says the condition of the street has been all over the various platforms of social media.

Alderman Mike Heisler told Huston to ignore any criticism as plenty of people signed off on the repairs to S. 6th Street.


Meanwhile, Warsaw is ready to update its laws on what vehicles can be driven within city limits.

The city council passed an ordinance in April 2013 that authorized the use of neighborhood electric vehicles, but it banned the use of golf carts or ATV’s.

Mayor Tiffany Murphy says a potential business owner would like the ability to use a golf cart to make deliveries so the city council has asked the city attorney to revise the ordinance to cover golf carts and to address some safety concerns.

The safety concerns include signaling and liability.

A vote on the revised ordinance could occur in late March.