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Warren Co. Voters To Consider Sales Tax Increase

Monmouth, IL – Warren County voters will be asked to approve a one percent sales tax hike this November to help fund the Monmouth-Roseville and United school districts.

The Warren County board agreed to put the measure on the fall ballot.

Monmouth-Roseville superintendent Paul Woehlke says the increased revenue can only be used for specific purposes. He says about half of it would go toward ongoing maintenance and repairs of the districts' buildings. The other half would be set aside as a contingency fund for any future, larger repairs.

Woehlke says the money is needed because the state's financial situation doesn't appear to be getting any better.

Monmouth-Roseville is still owed about $1 million dollars this fiscal year. Woehlke expects to receive some of those payments during the 2010-2011 fiscal year... but that will then push back payments due to be received THAT fiscal year.

"The question is, do they ever catch up, or do they just throw up their hands and say we're not going to be able to pay it," says Woehlke.

Woehlke says, ordinarily, the state must pay its bills by August. But this year, lawmakers passed a measure to delay those until December.

"They essentially write the rules by which they play," says Woehlke.

The tax increase question on the November ballot comes on the heels of a one percent sales tax increase in the city of Monmouth, which will take effect July 1. Monmouth is a home rule community, which means voters do not have to approve it.