Vote on Rushville's City Logo

Rushville, IL – Rushville is asking residents to choose the new city logo.

Mayor Scott Thompson says there are five options the public can vote on. "The colors and designs can be interchanged," Thompson says.

Thompson says the hope is to get people more involved. "We're still trying to feed that need for the public to be more actively engaged by bringing them more opportunity," Thompson says. "Community feedback and participation is a necessary part of our jobs."

All of the logos have one thing in common. That's the tag line "Rushville. A great place to come home to." Thompson says the logo will be used for mailings and as a marketing tool. The logo will include an outline of the gazebo in Rushville's Central Park.

Thompson says voting will end at noon next Monday. To vote go to "People can make a selection on which logo they like the best and leave comments on it," says Thompson. "At the next city council meeting I will announce the top vote getter."