Voice Your Concerns

Galesburg, IL – A recently formed community action group in Galesburg wants people to speak out and voice their concerns and opinions about issues in the community.

"The People in Galesburg" is holding its first Town Hall Meeting July 21st. It's at the Galesburg Public Library on the 2nd floor. The meeting will be from 6:00-to-7:30 in the evening.

Group Co-Founder Peter Schwartzman says this is a chance for people to come voice their concerns. "The way the meeting is going to work is everyone is going to get to speak for 1 minute," says Schwartzman. "They can speak about anything they want to. We wanna get people who are interested in being involved."

"We wanted to give people a space to air their concerns so we can fully understand what their real concerns are," says Schwartzman. "We are inviting the city council, and the mayor, and members of the Knox County Board."

"One of the things we are going to do is have a note-taker so those concerns are in written form," says Schwartzman. "We hope that by way of communicating this information we will give voice to people who otherwise feel like they aren't being heard. We also hope that when you get a room full of people who are airing their concerns there will be a lot of overlap."

"What we imagine will happen is subgroups will form around particular issues," Schwartzman says. "Whether it's health care, train noise, employment and things of that nature."