Van Buren County Hospital To Add Child Care Center

Keosauqua, IA – Construction could get underway, next year, on a new child care center in Van Buren County.

Administrator Lisa Schnedler says the multi-purpose facility will be located to the north of the current Van Buren County Hospital. She says the two-story building will house such services as a day care, the Head Start program, parental education, and a job search program.

Schnedler says the building is expected to cost around $1.2-million. She says it will be paid for, in part, by a $500,000 federal grant and a $100,000 contribution from a local foundation.

Schnedler says the first step is to complete an environmental study. She says that will get underway next month.

Schnedler says construction could get underway in the spring of 2010. She says the facility could open its doors one year later.

Preliminary designs have been completed. Schnedler says the new building would provide much more space than the current facility, a former church.

Around 60 children currently attend Van Buren County Hospital's day care center.