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Upcoming Art Exhibits

Feb 1, 2013

Jason Parrott’s guests on Emphasis are Brian Riggs with the Fort Madison Area Arts Association, Jerry Johnson with the Art Guild of Burlington and Debra Scoggin-Myers of the Mabee Art Gallery in Canton, Missouri.

They discuss what is on display at their particular galleries and some of the exhibits lined up for later in the year.

The "Budding Artists" exhibit at the Fort Madison Areas Arts Association's downtown gallery
Credit FMAAA

Brian Riggs says the FMAAA is wrapping up its annual “Budding Artists” exhibit, which features the works of local students.

The featured artist for the month of February is Mark McWhorter, who is the chairman of the art department at Indian Hills Community College.

Riggs says he was surprised to find out that McWhorter had expanded his artistic horizons.

“I have always known Mark to be a highly professional ceramic/stoneware artist,” says Riggs.  “I was not aware that he had also become a prolific painter over the last few years.”

Riggs says McWhorter appears to focus on water scenes.

“Whether they are scenes of an early mist or river rapids,” says Riggs.  “For painters, water can be a really tricky subject matter and (McWhorter) seems to be wrapping himself up in that.”

A reception for McWhorter is scheduled for Feb. 16 at 5:00 P.M.

Riggs says he is very excited about a show this summer.  He says, for the first time, former art educator Jim Knapp will display his works at the FMAAA’s downtown gallery.

Burlington Art Center

Jerry Johnson says the Art Guild of Burlington is preparing for its first show of 2013.

He says it will feature about 20 abstract paintings by local artist John Carlson.

The show opens at 1:00 P.M. on Sunday, February 3 with a gallery talk by Carlson at 2:00 P.M.

“The pieces are small to medium-sized and very colorful,” says Johnson.  “There is a lot of color in this so I think people who love abstract art will enjoy this and people who are just into a lot of vibrant color and being able to find their own things in the paintings will like them as well.”

Johnson says he is also excited about the annual members showcase and the Iowa debut of bronze sculptor Preston Jackson in June.  Johnson says the Burlington Art Center has never had an exhibit like what Jackson will bring to the downtown district.

Mabee Art Gallery
Credit Culver-Stockton College

Debra Scoggin-Myers is with the Mabee Art Gallery on the Culver-Stockton College campus in Canton, Missouri.

She says the current display is a combination of works from members of the Hannibal Alliance Art Gallery.

“That’s about 17 different artists so it is a very eclectic show,” says Scoggin-Myers.  “It ranges from jewelry to ceramics to paintings, including watercolors, oil, and collages, from local artists who are members of that gallery.”

She says March 16 marks the start of C-SC’s senior art show, which will feature eight seniors who are majoring in an art-related field.

“(This show) is a great thing,” says Scoggin-Myers.  “They get to see the culmination of four years of hard work through great pieces and a great learning experience.

High school students from around the region attend the show to see if they want to get involved in a career in art in their future.