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Tye Adair: McDonough County's New Red Cross Director

Macomb, IL – Tye Adair is a rather imposing figure. Standing 6'5" tall, he towers over most, if not all, of the people in his office.

But Adair's stature and basketball career at MacMurray College in Jacksonville are just a couple of things he's known for. He's also been the executive director of the McDonough County Red Cross for the past few weeks.

Adair comes to the Red Cross from the Ninth Judicial Circuit, where he was a therapist. He says this experience, combined with other jobs he's had, make him fit for this one.

"For the last fifteen years, I've found myself in jobs where helping others has been the crux of the job," says Adair. "Being in the helping profession for this many years, and now with the Red Cross, it's just kind of a nice fit."

Adair replaces Dave Maguire, who stepped down a couple of months ago.

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